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                      “…A Tale of Two Coreys manages to escape the Lifetime biopic curse… director Steven Huffaker kept the story moving at a steady and tragically inevitable pace and all four of the actors who played Feldman and Haim did a good job of bringing their characters to life."  Unobtainium 13

                        "... a very well made film... a tragic tale of friendship, and the hardships that get in the way...a real treat!"  Stacy Still, Staystillreviews

                         “...heartbreaking, interesting, sentimental, beautiful, and sad.” -Pinky Lovejoy,...

Steven collaborated with James Franco to adapt his short-story into a film. ​It features: Bo Mitchell (Eastbound and Down), LaKeith Stanfield (Sorry to Bother You) and Jacob Loeb (Criminal Minds).

Steven is finishing up post-production on his first feature film "Love in Moreno Valley". ​Mike Pine, from film describes it as "If John Hughes and Todd Solondz had a lovechild". ​


You might recognize this comedy short that Steven and Simon Savelyev co-created. It won first prize in Sprite's film contest and was used as a commercial-- screening in 30,000 theaters nationwide.​ It even got its own shot-for-shot remake by some midwestern high school students.

At UCLA's grad film school, Steven made a no-budget short mockumentary. It's about a bumbling film student struggling to make an overwrought sci-fi epic. ​It ended up being chosen as "Best Narrative Film" at UCLA in 2012 and screened at the DGA as part of UCLA's prestigious Director's Spotlight showcase. It features Charlie Sanders (Death Valley, writer for Key and Peele) and James Franco.

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